You bought your education and learning facts offshore and wish to take into consideration in Saxony this?

On program equivalence with Saxon Substantial, medium degree (Actual degree) or greater access certification (high school) is analyzed and demonstrated a communication.

, You can Moreover, if you are planning to attend school abroad, seek advice on the conditions for future recognition of foreign education certificates in Saxony.

Online forms and application.

Capable expert.

Declare Place of work for education and schools, Dresden.

Provider information.

More details.

Popularity in Germany Federal government Ministry of Education and Research Popularity Saxony IQ Network Saxony interpreting and language translation databases declare justice departments.


The recognition demands are elaborate and will depend on the affected person event.

If you live in the Free State of Saxony or recognition for training, studies, professional or other activity in the Free State of Saxony need, you can ask for the recognition. Place your instructional employment in Saxony continued, typically no formal acknowledgement process is needed. Let talk to their state Business office of Education and education information.

College entry ways qualification.

The Central Business office for Dangerous Training of your Position Convention is found for many different paperhelp state governments with extensive records about:

Schooling the various international diplomas or degrees of the circumstances for his or her obtain and ways to have their classification with regards to German school degrees and degrees.


How you can utilize, you should make use of the related variety. Fill it up out completely and send it combined with essential documents towards the proficient power just one.

Living in Saxony.

In the event you live in Saxony and would like to occupy perform, investigation or vocational instruction, create the application, you need to get hold of our Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle coming from the State Team for Universities and Education and learning, Dresden.

Living in another point out or abroad.

You should finish the application for recognition of your documents out of the Point out Office for Schools and Education, Dresden.


Once you have submitted your application, it will probably be screened plus the equivalence perseverance from your education license using a German diploma. You will acquire authored notice.

Once issued certificate of recognition of Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle would be beneficial if you want to apply to various colleges or training providers who, however.

Necessary paperwork.

Application Form issued abroad instructive accreditation / degree or making certification with the survive traveled to educative establishment (such as the interpretation for this facts) recommendations about visiting classes in Germany proof of university support (for individuals to twenty five years) backup of personality charge card, passport or passport, if necessary displaced personal identity exactly where correct, proof of the identify transform (marriage certificates, potentially having a interpretation into German)

You must complete your application please by the following evidence if you already participated in a university entrance examination in the country of origin or studies have graduated from a university:

Diagnosis of overseas university front door tests foreign Transcripts with examination and study (grades and subjects perspective) optionally dangerous diploma or degree (for instance, Bachelor) translations on the above mentioned papers.

Only present the initial expertise and not originals, uncertified replicates or replicates of accreditations.

Also, all papers within a overseas dialect have to be provided like a translation in German. These are only accepted via the ranking agencies when they were created by a recognized in Germany (as well as through the German embassy in the united states of starting point), the courtroom-hired translator.

Exception to this rule: Could be the zeugnisausstellende physique in america Language-language papers or information bilingual out that u. A. Are developed in English, it deserves no translation.

Expenses (costs)

Identification of dangerous university accreditations like diplomas and other accreditation accreditation to college or university entry ways and vocational qualifications:

EUR 30,00 to EUR 400,00.

Acceptance of exams or credentials for permitted in the Federal government Refugees Behave, insofar as you application form is done inside of three years out of the time frame of everlasting property inside the Government Republic of Germany.